Beach Boudoir Booking now!

TODAY...A New Photo experience for us.  I have been thinking about creating and launching like this for years now. And today is the official day!!!! We see how an amazing photo shoot can change the way a woman sees herself. These will be exclusive to only my Cottage location in Lexington MI (Just a few moments from Port Huron on the beach ) We will be offering one session that will be a full day of "exploring your inner self with photography.  I will have a one on one consultation with my clients as a starting point to capture that ONE photo that explains them in TODAY> Who are you in your fiercest, strongest, proudest moments? Today I captured a young girl in her most proudest day... Graduation and and MOM now empty nesting.  The moment we shot these photo her first grand baby was being born. Look at her self love....we are strong amazing women.  I hope to capture these photos as a gift....too yourself. If your interested in a beach session contact us immediately as we are booking now. 

Food for thought today


"When you do not seek or need external approval, you are at your most powerful. Nobody can disempower you emotionally or psychologically. “This spiritual security gave me a liberated feeling that was practically euphoric. "It made me appreciate why the famous line ‘to thine own self be true in Shakespeare’s Hamletis considered a spiritual commandment. “You cannot live prolonged periods of time within the polarity of being true to yourself and needing the approval of others. "At some point you will realize that you are doing harm to yourself by being what you think you should be so that someone approves of you.“In the language of a Contract, compromising who you are to gain the approval of another is a very precise example of giving away a piece of your spirit. "Eventually you give away more and more of yourself until you have no strength or sense of self left."... only through honoring oneself do we become strong enough to refuse to dance.”